Being Fully Present

Worry is a lack of faith. I know when I begin to worry about bills, my parents, my son, my grandson...I'm not fully present. What does it mean to be fully present? It means to live in the "NOW".

Eckhart Tolle states, "The greatest obstacle to enlightenment is the Mind". When we worry and stress over things that we have no control over or things we can change but we do not make a move to do so, we're not living in the "here and now". Our mind is reeling with "clutter". We are in our heads all the time  wondering and worrying.

Being "present" means to be aware of your surroundings and focusing on what "is" and not what was or what's going to be. To be fully present is to be in the "NOW". There is "POWER" in the "NOW".

We can do this at any time no matter where we are or what we're doing. We can allow ourselves to discard wasteful thinking and accept what IS and stay in the moment.

I admit it is not an easy thing to do. However, if you want to live a stress free life, practice living in the Now. For true growth in your life, your mindset must be on what you can change without feeling pressured or struggling or worrying. You can grow in your business, your home life, your relationships with others, and your self growth.

I will be posting a series of Life Coach Growth tips and tools to help you grow into what you really want for yourself. I truly practice living in the Now. Since I have been doing this, my business has grown, my home life is stress free. It really works. My programs involve Transcendental Meditation, How to become an Entrepreneur, Business Rules, How to start your own Work From Home business, and much, much, more.

Confidence is of the utmost importance; programs are structured per the clients personal and business assessment.

My price is very reasonable and I am willing to work with any client with cost.

I am offering three (3) free 30 minute sessions. Please contact me at:  to schedule your free sessions!

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Peace always,

Linda Simms, Certified Life Coach
Beyond12Steps, LLC
Recovery Coach and mentor


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