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Ways to Live your BEST LIFE!!

Live in the Sacred Space you were born to be in....You will find your Presence....Shining!!! Don't look towards the future for your happiness....Your happiness is within you NOW. Don't believe that you need to be in a relationship in order to make yourself whole.....The relationship that makes you are already in!

Linda Simms, Life Coach for Growth: Being Fully Present

Linda Simms, Life Coach for Growth: Being Fully Present : Worry is a lack of faith. I know when I begin to worry about bills, my parents, my son, my grandson...I'm not fully present. What does it me...

Being Fully Present

Worry is a lack of faith. I know when I begin to worry about bills, my parents, my son, my grandson...I'm not fully present. What does it mean to be fully present? It means to live in the "NOW". Eckhart Tolle states, "The greatest obstacle to enlightenment is the Mind". When we worry and stress over things that we have no control over or things we can change but we do not make a move to do so, we're not living in the "here and now". Our mind is reeling with "clutter". We are in our heads all the time  wondering and worrying. Being "present" means to be aware of your surroundings and focusing on what "is" and not what was or what's going to be. To be fully present is to be in the "NOW". There is "POWER" in the "NOW". We can do this at any time no matter where we are or what we're doing. We can allow ourselves to discard wasteful thinking and accept what IS and stay in the mome


I remember times when I used to think I am not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, I never have enough money to do anything, I'm constantly questioning my abilities and so on and so on. Having no self-worth and low self-esteem lives within us. I don't care who you are, what nationality you are there is something within that tells us we don't live up to what ever that expectation may be. This is especially true for women. We are care takers and givers. We want to make our families happy, our friends happy, even strangers, everyone except ourselves. We come last in our world. We have been conditioned to believe that we can put off our needs later until when later comes, we feel it's too late. I'm here to tell you it's never too late. However you must take the initiative to invest in yourself. I kept thinking I don't have the money for this or that. Maybe I'll have it later and then fear hits and I don't want to take a chance on myself. I fi


Career Development Coaching Personal Growth Development Plan Expertise in developing a clear and concise plan to advance your personal brand Structured two, three, or five year career objectives Brainstorm entrepreneurial skills to find the right niche that fits Assistance in how to build a strong business network Creating a compelling vision plan and mission statement Overcoming Blocks Sessions begin with a simple plan that you will build to a detailed plan with action steps including, “Bridging the Gap/Addressing Daily Realities”, “Brainstorming”, and “Accountability”. Life/Spiritual Coaching Each session begins with taking small steps to achieving goals Creating a simple plan to develop into a detailed plan Determining Priorities Creating a Life Vision spectrum Overcoming Blocks Spiritual Growth Sessions begins with a five minute breathing exercise to clear the mind. Your life is precious, and I take that seriously with a genuine heart.

LifeCoach for Growth!

Hello Beautiful People!! LifeCoach for Growth and Beyond12Steps If you are new to choosing a life, career or recovery coach, please contact me and I will give you the information needed on how to get started. Many Blessings!! Linda

Beyond12Steps, Coaching for the Life YOU Lead!! Okay...I have a few announceme...

Beyond12Steps, LLC - Coaching for the LIfe YOU Lead!! Okay...I have a few announceme... : Beyond12Steps, LLC Okay...I have a few announcements to make and I don't want anyone missing out on fantastic opportunities that I am su...

Beyond12Steps, LLC

Find your Life Purpose, Career, Spirituality, Life Balance, Relationship Coaching, Health and Wellness, Life Transitions and Business Coaching! Contact me, Coach Linda Simms and we'll work together! Send me an email!
Beyond12Steps, LLC I am a teacher, coach and mentor....I will be providing two (2) free career coaching sessions and two (2) free, spiritual life coaching sessions for anyone interested in building confidence, life skills, creating a complete mindset, and career building skills.....These sessions will be group....I already have one group about to blast off and I'm extending my group sessions for additional individuals. Send an email to: and take the risk you have been putting off for so long. I hope to hear from you.. Don't count yourself out because of age, where you live or your mind telling you "Forget can't do it".......take a chance on you....invest in your future because it's what will uplift, empower, enhance your well being, your mindset, your career and....your spiritual growth. With Love and the Power of Joy!!! Lin